How to Choose the Right Strength of E-Liquid

One of the most daunting things for new e-cigarette users is knowing the strength of e-liquid to buy - and the strength that is going to be required is largely going to vary person to person. The following explains the calibre of each strength, and the best way to assess which is best for you.

Stigx e-liquid and strength

Stigx e-liquids come in varying strengths, each having a different nicotine content. These are 0 mg (nicotine free), 6 mg, 12 mg and 18 mg. The mg measurement denotes the nicotine content per ml. So if you have a 12 mg strength bottle of e-liquid, for every 1 ml you vaporise, you will inhale 12 mg of nicotine.

When choosing a strength, stronger does not necessarily mean better. The best strength for you will largely depend on your current smoking habits. For example, if someone smoke tobacco regularly throughout the day, but only smoke light cigarettes, then a weaker nicotine strength will be best suited. Comparatively, those who smoke full bodied cigarettes may rather opt for a strong e-liquid.

Stigx e-liquid strengths can be viewed as follows:

18 mg – strong
12 mg – medium
6 mg – light
0 mg – nicotine free

Assessing the best strength for you

The process of finding the perfect strength for you is one of trial and error. Do not be put off if the first strength you choose seems to be either an under or overwhelming experience. It is highly likely you just have the wrong strength – this is a pitfall that many new users fall into. The best way to assess if a strength is incorrect is as follows:

Too weak

If the e-liquid chosen is too weak, it is highly likely that you will find yourself overcompensating to try and reach the level of nicotine that your body is used to. It results in having to vaporise much more often than you would have smoked, which can cause an e-cigarette to feel ineffective. If you still feel a nicotine craving after using your Stigx e-cigarette, chances are you need a stronger strength.

Too strong

If an e-liquid that is too strong is used, it can result in a very intense experience. This is because the body is being given more than it is used to or can handle. Tell-tale signs of using an e-liquid that is too strong for your body is a feeling of light-headedness and an intense throat hit when you inhale. If you find that this is the case, try using a weaker strength.

It helps to have a general, comparable idea of what you need with relation to your smoking habits, and then buy a couple of e-liquids of varying strength in order to compare and find the dosage that is just right for you – it is a a Goldilocks situation if ever there was one.

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